This entry is part of a periodic series about the growing craft beer industry in Wilmington, N.C. The series is shared with our friends at the Port City Brew Bus. Check our blogs to stay updated on the series.  We’ll profile a different brewery in each addition. We begin by looking at the history of Wilmington’s craft beer industry.



In the heart of the eclectic Brooklyn Arts District, you’ll find Flytrap Brewing. Brooklyn was given it’s nickname decades ago for it’s similarity to the famous New York borough by the same name. In recent years the area has seen a revitalization. The transition made this the perfect place for Mike Barlas to make the jump from home brewer to Head Brewer in 2014 when he opened up Flytrap with his wife Emily Barlas.

imagejpeg_0“We looked very, very hard to find something that fit the niche we were looking for,” says Barlas. The brewery is very accessible and retains a “neighborhood feel,” which has created a close-knit group of patrons who have been supportive since day one. The brewery is close enough to downtown they see a diverse group of patrons, everyone from tourists to business travellers.

True to his homebrew roots, Barlas produces 20 gallon batches with a priority on taproom sales. “We wanna stay true to our roots,” says Barlas. He wants people to come to the intimate taproom and get the experience of drinking a fresh product. “We have plans of growth, but it’s slow, organic growth that fits our business.”

Flytrap focuses on American and Belgian ales like their Hoppy Tripel and a growing list of Saisons. In addition, sour beers are beginning to make the tap list on a regular basis, gaining so much popularity they have an annual, all day sour event.

The Barlas’ have been more than please with Flytrap’s success. “It’s a dream come true,” says Mike. The Barlas’ say the next year holds “more beer, more music, and more food trucks.” “My wife and I are gonna work hard to make the best beer we can and provide a place for people to come and hang out!”