Front Street Brewery

If You’ve Got It Braggot: 7.1% From Head Brewer Christopher, “This light, refreshing hybrid of beer and mead is brewed with 50% Magnolia House organic wildflower honey from the Amazon rainforest. It tastes crisp, dry, and remarkably easy to drink, with fragrant notes of exotic flowers.”

Panacea Brewing Company

Peach Ginger Molasses: 8.4% From the brewery, “A slightly sweet but tart brew, with brightness from ginger especially on the nose, and molasses on the finish.”

Salty Turtle Beer Company

Yacht Club: 6.7% From the brewery, “This DANK brew is a collaboration with Yacht Club Beverage House in Youngsville, NC. Sticky mango and bright tangerine are front and center, and tropical hops bring up the rear with West Coast bitterness on the finish.”

Waterline Brewing Company

It Can Be Done, Amigo: 6.1% From Head Brewer Dani, “A classic Mexican lager brewed with the fruit of coffee cherries–fruity, earthy and packed full of antioxidants (but not caffeine!) to lend a delicate, floral sweetness to a crisp and refreshing lager.”

Broomtail Craft Brewery

A Complex Stout: 8.6% From the brewery, “A chocolate, maple, & coffee imperial stout! Our collaboration with The Complex Bean coffee shop.”

Bill’s Brewing Company

Bionic Beaver: 6.8% From the brewery, “Juicy and hazy with a wonderful blend of some new experimental hops and a couple of our favorite juice-bomb hops.”