Don’t know what to drink during each Olympic sport? We got you covered! Stop by one of our local breweries and pick up some Wilmington beer .

Cross Country Skiing & Schwarzbier

Bill’s Front Porch’s Schwarzbier is a traditional German black lager. It is a full-bodied beer that has a nice smokiness while also being light and crisp. Drink this beer while watching Cross Country Skiing which is the oldest type of skiing. Both the beer style and the sport have centuries of history making them what they are today.


Speed Skating & Gose


 Broomtail’s Galloping Göse is slightly sour and salty with a burst of fruitiness. Drink this beer while watching speed skating, which began as a way to maintain communication between villages. Allow the tartness of the beer to remind you of the bitter cold your ancestors had to endure before heating.


Hockey & Imperial Porter



Check Six Brewery’s Harley Pope Imperial Porter has a chocolate finish with a hint of vanilla. Drink this beer while watching ice hockey. Both are smooth, fluid, and bring in big crowds.


Bobsleigh & Hoppy Tripel



Flytrap Brewing’s Hoppy Tripel is a hopped up version of a Belgian Tripel. It is similar to an IPA. Drink this while watching bobsleigh, which did not start until people decided to attach two skeleton sleds together to make a toboggan. Similar to the Hoppy Tripel, the sport of bobsleigh is a hopped up version of an original.


Snowboarding & ESB



Front Street Brewery’s Amber Jack is an English Special Bitter. It is mild with no upfront bitterness and makes for easy drinking. Drink this while watching snowboarding, which has elements of surfing, skiing, and skateboarding. Both the beer and the sport are smooth going down and will lead to a good time.


Biathlon & Black IPA



Ironclad’s Byeman Black IPA is a delicious, complex beer with a full body. It has a sweet maple syrup taste but has a bite to it. Drink this beer while watching biathlon, a sport that combines the power and intensity of cross-country skiing with the carefulness and calm of marksmanship.


Skeleton Racing & Mole’ Stout



New Anthem Beer Project’s Roadside Prophet is a spicy stout. If beer had money this would be Warren Buffet. This beer gets its spice from mole peppers that also give the drink a nice warmth. Drink this beer while watching skeleton racing; a thrilling sport involving plummeting head first down a treacherous slope.


Alpine Skiing & Kolsch



Waterline’s Kölsch is a traditional German-style beer. It is brewed like a lager and cold fermented but it is considered an ale. Drink this beer while watching alpine skiing, which has a long European history just like the Kölsch style beer.


Freestyle Skiing & Double IPA



Wilmington Brewing Company’s Double IPA Sneaky Goose has an ABV of around 10%. It is strong, hoppy and piney with a malt backbone. Drink this beer while watching freestyle skiing, a sport that combines speed, presentation and the ability to do acrobatic tricks. Both freestyle skiing and the Double IPA Sneaky Goose are intense and make you want to do flips in the air.


Figure Skating & Grisette



Waterman’s Sun Sparkle is a grisette. It is floral, extremely dry and almost herbal. Drink this beer while watching figure skating, an elegant sport that showcases strength and art. Similar to the Sun Sparkle, figure skating has many different elements.


Luge & Ginger Blonde Ale



Wrightsville Beach Brewery’s Shark and Stormy is a blonde ale that is infused with ginger root. Drink this beer while watching luge, a sport that has racers speeding down an ice track with little to no protection. Savor your beer while being grateful you are inside and not risking your life.


Ski Jumping & Brown Ale



Salty Turtle’s Barnacle Bill’s is a traditional brown ale with hints of caramel. Drink this beer while watching ski jumping. Both the sport and the beer have evolved from the original and allow for new techniques to arise.


Nordic Combined & Amber Ale



Edward Teach Brewery’s Cannon Fire Amber Ale has a little more hops than the average amber ale. Drink this while watching Nordic combined, which includes some hops of their own with its combination of ski jumping and cross-country skiing.