Ironclad Brewery

Inspired by the Ironclad class of ships built in Wilmington’s ironically named Beery’s Shipyard during the Civil War, Ironclad Brewery is proud of their high-quality ingredients and handmade craft beverages.

The brewery is located on North 2nd Street inside a former auto-repair shop built in 1925 that has been painstakingly revitalized into a well-functioning brewery overflowing with historic charm. With two floors and over 11,000 square feet of space, Ironclad can accommodate large parties. Business events, fundraisers for charities, and theme parties are often held here.

With an assortment of Ironclad beers on tap, the four-ounce beer tasters are very popular, as well as the beer specials served Sunday through Thursday.

Tap Room Hours:

Monday-Saturday 12 pm-12 am

Sunday 1 pm-10 pm


Ironclad Brewery

115 N 2nd Street

Wilmington, NC 28401