The Behind Bars series focuses on those that serve us our favorite libations at craft beer-focused breweries, bottle shops, bars, and restaurants.

First up we’ve got Kyle Harshner, owner-operator of Bombers Beverage Company in Downtown Wilmington.

AT: What are your favorite things about bartending?

KH: Human interaction is very important and the bartender is the hub of social interaction. Helping someone discover a beer they’ve never had or a wine that really blows them away is the highlight of my day. Pointing people in the direction of my favorite places to eat and drink while they explore our ever growing town. Listening to people talk about this that and the other, while offering advice that promptly gets ignored as they drunk dial an ex-lover… So people for the most part.

AT: Do you have any advice for future craft beer bartenders?

KH: Trends come and go. Hazy, milkshake, pastry and brut are just some of the trend words thrown around today, and I can’t even imagine what they will be in the future. Sometimes sticking to the classics is best… A well made IPA or god forbid a lager! But always keep an eye on what’s coming over the horizon.

AT: If you were a beer, which one would you be?

KH: I would be my favorite beer LONDON PRIDE! It’s malty sweetness accompanied by a bitter backbone, in my opinion, really puts together the perfect beer. It’s not too boozy and is absolutely something to be enjoyed in all seasons. I don’t know how it would really describe me in any way, I just think everyone should drink it.