Joining us this week Behind Bars is Scott Roszel from Wilmington Brewing Company.  Wilmington Brewing Company opened in 2014 and was early in the wave of new breweries.

AT: What’s your favorite thing about bartending?

SR: Definitely the friendships. Hearing about everyone’s day from student to retiree. Making connections and encouraging each other towards happiness. It’s crazy how drinking good beer can put someone in such a good mood.

AT: Do you have any advice for current or future craft beer bartenders?

SR: Customers tend to ask the same questions (which they rightfully should). My suggestion is to always be honest but rephrase your answer and not follow a script, just be yourself as well as challenge yourself to do the same act differently throughout the day. 

AT: If you were a beer, which one would you be?

SR: I’m proud to say that I would have to be a unique beer. Not an everyday crushable, nor a smooth stout. I would have to sum myself as a Belgian spiced pale ale, at first you’re like “oh beer” but then it’s like “WTF!”