Hurricanes come in all shapes and sizes, as do the snacks we buy to prepare for them. From impulse buys like four different kinds of Doritos, to staples like PB&J, most people end up with a wide array. Hopefully you prepared your best coolers with plenty of else to keep food fresh and also your stash of hurricane brews.

Check out our recommended hurricane snack & beer pairings to try while you’re stuck inside.

Pairing: Hefeweizen (or Witbier) & Moon Pie

Banana notes from hefeweizen, as well as citrus and clove notes will make that silky chocolate and creamy marshmallow sing. Plus the crisp finish of the brew will cut through the sweetness.

Local love: Pretty Witty from Skytown Beer Company, Hefeweizen from Waterline, U-352 from Waterman’s Brewing Company

Pairing: Stout & Chili fritos (or just chili!)

If you’re like me, you’ve either started buying stouts in hopes of cooler temperatures, or you have a couple still sitting in the back of your fridge from last winter. Roasty coffee and bitter dark chocolate notes are perfect for the zip and spice of chili and chili Fritos. If you’ve got them both check here for a recipe for a Walking Taco.

Local love: Oysterman Stout from Wrightsville Beach Brewery, The Illest from New Anthem Beer Project, Rappe from Broomtail Craft Brewery, Pablo Escobier from Ironclad Brewery

Pairing: Pale Ale/IPL & Dried Fruit

Got some dried apricots laying around? Maybe some raisins? Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Dried Mango Slices? These babies are begging for a dry, mellow pale ale. Delicate hop bitterness is exactly the finish to balance out fruity sweetness.

Local love: Falconer’s Flight Pale Ale from Flytrap Brewing, Planetary Winds from Flying Machine Brewing Company, Citra Pale Ale from Bill’s Brewing, Wailele SMASH Pale Ale from Makai Brewing

Pairing: Amber lager & Beef Jerky

No hurricane party is complete without beef jerky! A malty, crisp amber lager pairs perfectly with the sweetness, salt, and spice of all kinds of beef jerky–from a laid-back BBQ flavor all the way to Carolina Reaper.

Local love: Warrior Monk from Salty Turtle Beer Company, German Lager form Edward Teach Brewing

Pairing: IPA & Chef Boyardee

Who doesn’t love the creamy tomatoey goodness of a can of Spaghetti-Os? Well, probably someone who’s been eating them for days on end cold. But, give them some new life with a bold, tropical IPA. The bright fruity flavors won’t clash with the tomatoes–I promise! I just wouldn’t pick something brewed with actual fruit.

Local Love: Tropical Lightning IPA from Wilmington Brewing Company, Port City IPA from Front Street Brewery, Boston Mole Party from Mad Mole Brewing


And at the end of the day, when it’s too hot to sleep and ya just need a little extra buzz, round up your (of age) family and friends and try pairing booze with other booze! Make it a contest and whoever wins gets to pair your breakfast with a beer! Some of my favorite booze-on-booze pairings are:

Rye IPA with Rye Whiskey (thanks to Front Street Brewery for introducing me to that!)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout with Red Wine (Chill that red if you’ve still got ice)

Fruited Wheat Beer with Aperol or Campari Sprits