Photos Courtesy Flying Machine Brewing Company

If you’ve been to Flying Machine Brewing Company (FMBC) lately, you may have seen people around you sipping tall glasses of foam and felt yourself asking questions…namely, “why?”
Well, get excited because it’s pretty cool.

When I saw FMBC posting photos of their mlíko brews, I decided to do a little research on my own. Because while the folks over there are certainly innovative & creative enough to popularize their own new thing, I had a feeling I was missing something. And I was.

Mlíko, which translates to “milk beer,” is a style of pouring beer that originated in the Czech Republic. It’s achieved by only partially opening the draught tap to create a big glass full of frothy foam. The result is a zippy, aromatic, fluffy version of the liquid you love that doesn’t cause bloating.

You can experience the mlíko pour during Mlíko Week-o at Flying Machine, which is running through this week. But there’s always a mlíko option available. When I talked to David Sweigart, owner of FMBC, he said that the reason they wanted to present the Port City with the Czech pouring style is because of the brewery’s commitment to “innovation through tradition.”