It’s not too late to pick something up for Dad, but you’re running out of time to get creative. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Check out our Father’s Day gift guide to find the perfect gift for your Pops. (And just so you don’t have to Google it–Father’s Day is June 16th.)

1. New Anthem 4-pack: Get him something you *know* he wants–beer. New Anthem’s big IPAs are the perfect way to say “thanks for raising me right, Daddio.” If he’s more of a pilsner guy, try Dance Floor Heater. It’s light & crisp enough to be accessible for your old man, but hoppy enough that you shouldn’t be surprised when he converts to IPAs.

2. Late Lunch & a brewery tour at Front Street Brewery: When was the last time you & Dad had a nice, long lunch? Don’t answer–it’s been too long. Take him out to Front Street Brewery for a flight, some pulled chicken nachos, and a pretzel with queso. (Yes, spring for the queso. He deserves it.) Brewery tours are at 3:15p & 4:15p and include samples…so Mom can come too, but she’s driving.

3. Salty Turtle Dad Hat: Well, this one’s a no-brainer, but you should take him with you and let him pick the color. Grab some grub from Coastal Wing + Spirits and take your dad over to the Turtle for a pint. (Life hack: Coastal will even deliver to you!)

4. Homebrew Supplies from Wilmington Homebrew Supply and/or Amazing Grains: Has Daddio been hemming & hawing about whether or not to start making beer? Hem & haw no more, Dad! The extremely friendly and knowledgable staffs at both Wilmington Homebrew Supply and Amazing Grains will certainly help you get your dad the setup he needs.

5. Port City Brew Bus Tickets/ Gift Card: Y’know how you’ve been meaning to hang out with your dad more? Yeah, we do too. The Port City Brew Bus is a great way for you and your dad to experience Wilmington’s excellent beer scene together. On the fence? There’s a discount code--use code DADSDAY19 for $10 off tours and gift cards booked before Father’s Day.