Lagerfest 2019 at Wrightsville Beach Brewery is sure to deliver tons of cold-fermented fun.

For $30 attendees can indulge in endless samples of lagers of all flavors and colors. Breweries from all over the state will gather for the event. Music will be provided by Nathan Kornegay and L-Shape Lot.

The festival is perfect for people one the fence about diving into the wild world of craft beer. While sippers will find light, balanced, crisp libations to cleanse their palates, they’ll also discover they might not know everything they thought they did about lagers. They can also be dark, roasty, sweet, unctuous–the list goes on. The only difference between lagers and ales is the way they ferment!

It’s also a great way for craft beer experts to refresh their beer knowledge–and have a damn good time while they’re at it.

Guests can look forward to local favorites as well and visiting breweries such as (so far) are Southern Pines, Trophy, and Deep River. Get your tickets here or at the brewery. Follow on Facebook for updates.