wilmington breweries

Wilmington Breweries

Wilmington boasts a vibrant community of breweries that both residents and visitors are sure to appreciate. Nestled between the charming downtown area by the Cape Fear River and the stunning Atlantic coastline, there’s a wealth of attractions to explore. What’s more, Wilmington stands out as the premier destination along North Carolina’s coast for savoring locally-crafted beers.

With over 20 craft breweries in Southeastern North Carolina, each offers a distinctive take on crafting beer—whether it’s a commitment to eco-friendly practices, a scientific approach to brewing, or a creative use of novel and intriguing ingredients. These artisanal beers are available in local bottle shops and many eateries, but for a truly immersive experience, we recommend embarking on a brewery tour.

Embarking on a tour is the ultimate way to uncover the gems of Wilmington’s brewery scene. Engage in conversation with the brewmasters for an insider’s look and witness the art of brewing firsthand. Opt for a tour at one of the many local breweries or join the Port City Brew Bus for the most thorough exploration of Wilmington’s vibrant beer culture!

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