Meet the Brewers is an ongoing series to highlight the individuals who make the beer at our Wilmington breweries. Check back every week to see the latest interview. All photographs provided by Brian Lantz Photography .  Check out his instagram at  @brianleelantz

Jim Deaton is the head brewer at Bill’s Front Porch. From Jamestown, NC, he has been passionate about beer-making even before he was legally old enough to drink it. Deaton realized that while he wasn’t old enough to buy beer, he could definitely make it which ignited his career. Since creating his first brew, a double IPA, he has created many beer styles including his favorite to make, a class German style lager.

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Photo provided by Brian Lantz IG:@brianleelantz

When asked what made him want to start brewing on a larger scale he said, “[I] Volunteered to help build a commercial brewery in Blowing Rock and worked my way up into a lead brewer position. It allowed me to make beer for the masses, not just for my friends and me.”

Check out Deaton’s work at Bill’s Front Porch and don’t be afraid to give him some feedback! Deaton says, “ Brewers are always seeking perfection. [The] more constructive feedback we receive, the better we can make our beers for you. Good or bad its always nice to see some responses about a specific style of beer. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; this is my love, my passion, and my career. I love talking to customers about specifics regarding the brewing processes.”