Weekly Mixed Six June 16, 2019

Weekly Mixed Six June 16, 2019

A weekly roundup of local and craft beer that can be found around the area on tap, in bottles, or in cans. These are not beer reviews and should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Salty Turtle Beer Company

Hey Zay: 6.7% A New England IPA bursting with juicy goodness. This full-bodied beer is double dry hopped with Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic.


Makai Brewing

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Pale Ale: 5.8% Whatcha know ’bout Mosaic hops? Take a few sips and get to learning. All Mosaic in the kettle and dry hop for this American Pale.


Check Six Brewery

.50 Ca. Kolsch: 5% ABV 25 IBUs A great light summer beer.


Front Street Brewery

Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter: 8.1% This bourbon-aged black beauty completely redefines the flavors of a lager: dark and smooth after 8 months in an Elijah Craig barrel, with overtones of coffee and caramel, and a big coconut and bourbon hit.


Flying Machine Brewing Company

Governable Parachutes: 4.8% Blurring the lines between an IPA and a traditional German lager, Governable Parachutes is hazy and golden with a very restrained bitterness and an unmistakably IPA-driven nose. Showcasing its bright hoppy notes of creamsicle, peaches and lime zest along side its more lager-driven characteristics including a hint of fresh grain in the aroma, a crisp mouthfeel and smooth refreshing finish. Now available in 16oz cans!


New Anthem Beer Project

Soggy Purple: 5.4% This draft-only release is a mixed fermentation Berliner style aged on a second fermentation with raspberries.

Weekly Mixed June 10, 2019

Weekly Mixed June 10, 2019

Waterline Brewing

Dill Pickle Gose: 4.7% Waterline is very excited to present the winner of this year’s Gose-Off, hosted during the 2019 Cape Fear Craft Beer Week. This signature brew is loaded with heaps of fresh cucumbers, toasted dill seed, and finished with a light Sorachi Ace dry hop. Refreshing, tart, a little salty, and oh-so-good.

Wrightsville Beach Brewery

Ales for ALS: 6% This year’s charity brew is a New England-Style IPA! Proceeds to go to benefit ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Bill’s Brewing Company

It’s Gon’ Grain: 6.5% Cloudy with definite citrus notes. A hazy IPA brewed with Simcoe, El Dorado, Cashmere, Hallertau Blanc, Amarillo, Lemondrop, and Azacca.

Wilmington Brewing Company

16oz Curls: 7.3% WBC is here to help you with your summer bod! Their newest New England Style IPA is doulbe dry hopped with Mosaic & Denali hops.

Flytrap Brewing

Mango Gose: 4.3% This Flytrap brew is tart and bright, with a heavy dose of mango purée during fermentation. Features local Sea Love Sea Salt.

Waterman’s Brewing

Arribada: 6.2% This highly crushable beer is very crisp in body and just a shade darker than straw in color. Azacca and Ekuanot hops create a play between tropical, earthy, dank, pine, and melon notes. Named for the synchronized nesting of sea turtles that is a magnificent exodus to witness!

Wilmington Beer Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wilmington Beer Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s not too late to pick something up for Dad, but you’re running out of time to get creative. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Check out our Father’s Day gift guide to find the perfect gift for your Pops. (And just so you don’t have to Google it–Father’s Day is June 16th.)

1. New Anthem 4-pack: Get him something you *know* he wants–beer. New Anthem’s big IPAs are the perfect way to say “thanks for raising me right, Daddio.” If he’s more of a pilsner guy, try Dance Floor Heater. It’s light & crisp enough to be accessible for your old man, but hoppy enough that you shouldn’t be surprised when he converts to IPAs.

2. Late Lunch & a brewery tour at Front Street Brewery: When was the last time you & Dad had a nice, long lunch? Don’t answer–it’s been too long. Take him out to Front Street Brewery for a flight, some pulled chicken nachos, and a pretzel with queso. (Yes, spring for the queso. He deserves it.) Brewery tours are at 3:15p & 4:15p and include samples…so Mom can come too, but she’s driving.

3. Salty Turtle Dad Hat: Well, this one’s a no-brainer, but you should take him with you and let him pick the color. Grab some grub from Coastal Wing + Spirits and take your dad over to the Turtle for a pint. (Life hack: Coastal will even deliver to you!)

4. Homebrew Supplies from Wilmington Homebrew Supply and/or Amazing Grains: Has Daddio been hemming & hawing about whether or not to start making beer? Hem & haw no more, Dad! The extremely friendly and knowledgable staffs at both Wilmington Homebrew Supply and Amazing Grains will certainly help you get your dad the setup he needs.

5. Port City Brew Bus Tickets/ Gift Card: Y’know how you’ve been meaning to hang out with your dad more? Yeah, we do too. The Port City Brew Bus is a great way for you and your dad to experience Wilmington’s excellent beer scene together. On the fence? There’s a discount code--use code DADSDAY19 for $10 off tours and gift cards booked before Father’s Day.

Local Tunes & Brews

Local Tunes & Brews

Wilmington’s local music scene is just as prolific as the Wilmington craft beer scene, so we thought it would be fun to pick the brains of some of the city’s musicians to see what they’re sippin’ when they’re not singin’. Follow along as we feature this series of local tunes & brews.

Callan Trippe, Front Woman for Dirty White Rags

“There are so many good Wilmington beers but my solid standby has always been Waterline Brewing’s Coffee and Cream Ale. Nutty, sweet but not too sweet, and obviously COFFEE, it tastes just like I like my lattes in winter. A very close second is New Anthem New Jack, a hazy,  juice bomb that goes down way too easily. “

Photo Courtesy Callan Trippe

Mike Blair, Singer/Songwriter for Mike Blair & The Stonewalls

“I’m a sucker for dark, coffee-flavored beers and this double espresso porter is right up my alley.New Anthem’s The Illest is dynamite.”

Photo By Will Cooper

Cullen Seward, member of Signal Fire

“There are so many excellent beers in Wilmington, it’s hard to pick just one.  We really love the Session IPA Wrightsville Beach created for us.  At 5% it’s an easy drinker that finishes clean, but the genius brewer’s at Wrightsville Beach Brewery were able to maintain a delicious hoppy flavor.  Originally, we asked them to make a Habanero IPA, but thankfully they talked us down (Although, the brewery will do occasional special releases in both habanero and ghost pepper!). We’ve been fortunate that many of the venues we play throughout North Carolina now carry Signal Fire Session IPA so keep a lookout for it locally, and around our beautiful state!”


Photo Courtesy Signal Fire

Mixed Six June 2nd

Mixed Six June 2nd

A weekly roundup of local and craft beer that can be found around the area on tap, in bottles, or in cans. These are not beer reviews and should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Makai Brewing

Kamanawanaleiya-Mango: 6.3% This brew is juicier than housewife gossip. It’s one frisky little Mandarina Bavaria dry-hopped, mango-conditioned hazy, juicy, delicious NE IPA!

Mad Mole Brewing

Less is Mole: 3.6% A Session IPA perfect for porch sipping long into the evening.

Flying Machine Brewing Company

Flying Sandals: 4.7% Brewed with blackberry & passion fruit. A bright, tart, fruit-forward gose for all of your summertime sipping!

Skytown Beer Company

New Fake Doors: 6.9% An updated version of Skytown fan favorite Real Fake Doors Saison. Now includes orange, lime, and grapefruit juices and has been conditioned on citrus peel.

Front Street Brewery

Wheat Hot: 5.3% Cool off summer-camp style with this refreshingly nostalgic American wheat ale – Wheat HOT American Summer. The light and fluffy texture of wheat combines with the perfect touch of citrusy hops for a dry and thirst-quenching beer that’s easy to drink and hard to forget.

New Anthem Beer Project

Dance Floor Heater: 5.3% A Motueka hopped pilsner with a light blended fruit background from late hop additions.

Behind Bars: Amanda Bowman

Behind Bars: Amanda Bowman

This week we’ve got Amanda Bowman joining us from Fermental! Check out what she has to say about being a Wilmington craft beer bartender.

AT: What’s your favorite thing about bar-tending/selling beer?

AB:  I like being able to pick just the right beer for someone, even if they weren’t exactly sure what they were looking for. Figuring out what they do and don’t like, making suggestions, then watching them try, and like, something out of their comfort zone is rewarding.

It’s also fun when you get to know what your regulars like and they trust you to just pour them something you know they’ll love.

AT: Do you have any advice for current or future craft beer bartenders?

AB: I would say familiarize yourself with as many different styles and flavors as you can. Taste everything, even if you don’t like a particular style, as it will help to make recommendations.

Staying on top of trends is also helpful.

AT: If you were a beer, which one would you be?

AB: A fruited gose–a little sour, a little sweet, and a little salty.