If you’ve kept an eye on Edward Teach Brewing’s social media or been to the brewery for an event, you may have run into some unexpected fuzzy friends–the Ed Teach Burros! The tiny donkeys are so famous that they have their own Instagram at @EdwardTeachBurros. I had the pleasure of Friday & Ernie at the Cape Fear Craft Beer Alliance event Halfway There and they were such sweet little guys!

Blair Sholar took a second to fill in the Ale Trail about what the burros are all about!

“My husband/brewery owner, Gary Sholar, had the idea in early 2018, that as a small, craft brewery, it seemed like a fun twist on the well-known Clydesdales. ‘We may be small, but we make damn good beer!’

Friday and Ernie, miniature Mediterranean donkeys, came to us from a lovely farm in Canada. We were seeking an experienced driving pair that could represent our brand at local events and parades. After several months of searching these two wonderful little geldings were the shining stars of the short list. They arrived here last August and have made a few small appearances at the brewery on North 4th Street. The crowd always loves them, and vice versa! We couldn’t be happier to have found such sweet and friendly personalities in our burros.

It is our goal to introduce them under harness to the public very soon to debut the Edward Teach Beer Wagon. Every appearance is weather permitting, and as their handler my first priority is the health and safety of our boys. Friday & Ernie have been enjoying this hot summer at their boarding farm in Hampstead, NC but with cooler weather approaching, you’ll be seeing more of them out and about. ”

Be sure to go say hello to Friday and Ernie at Edward Teach Brewing soon!