Meet the Brewers is an ongoing series to highlight the individuals who make the beer at our Wilmington breweries. Check back every week to see the latest interview. All photographs provided by Brian Lantz Photography.  Check out his instagram at  @brianlantzphotography

Mike Barlas is the founder and head brewer at Flytrap Brewing. Originally from Lancaster, PA, he moved to Wilmington in 2004 to attend UNCW’s graduate program. Barlas began home-brewing while earning his MBA and it quickly became his new passion. In my interview with Barlas he discusses the love of his profession.

1.What first got you into brewing?

I started home-brewing with some friends while in graduate school at UNCW.  I got hooked pretty easily.  It didn’t take long to turn from a hobby into an obsession.

2. What was the first beer you made?

I think it was a Porter.

3. What is your favorite beer to make?

I really enjoy making Belgian and Farmhouse Ales.  I’m particularly drawn to the history behind them and attempting to blend that history with the creativity of the modern craft beer movement.

Photographs provided by Brian Lantz Photography.  Check out his instagram at  @brianlantzphotography

4. What made you want to start brewing on a larger scale?

It was the desire to do something that I really enjoyed for a profession.  I get to come to work every day and create something that people love.

5. Is there anything you would do differently in your brewing process that other places do not do?

Probably not specific to us, but we create small batches and are constantly brewing.  This allows every pour to be at the peak of freshness.  It also gives us the ability to have a solid list of rotating/special release brews at all times.

6. What is one thing you want your consumer to take away after trying your beer?

Our goal is to provide a high quality experience for people who are enjoying our beer.  We strive to make clean, flavorful brews that are well balanced.



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