Weekly Mixed Six June 16, 2019

Weekly Mixed Six June 16, 2019

A weekly roundup of local and craft beer that can be found around the area on tap, in bottles, or in cans. These are not beer reviews and should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Salty Turtle Beer Company

Hey Zay: 6.7% A New England IPA bursting with juicy goodness. This full-bodied beer is double dry hopped with Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic.


Makai Brewing

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Pale Ale: 5.8% Whatcha know ’bout Mosaic hops? Take a few sips and get to learning. All Mosaic in the kettle and dry hop for this American Pale.


Check Six Brewery

.50 Ca. Kolsch: 5% ABV 25 IBUs A great light summer beer.


Front Street Brewery

Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter: 8.1% This bourbon-aged black beauty completely redefines the flavors of a lager: dark and smooth after 8 months in an Elijah Craig barrel, with overtones of coffee and caramel, and a big coconut and bourbon hit.


Flying Machine Brewing Company

Governable Parachutes: 4.8% Blurring the lines between an IPA and a traditional German lager, Governable Parachutes is hazy and golden with a very restrained bitterness and an unmistakably IPA-driven nose. Showcasing its bright hoppy notes of creamsicle, peaches and lime zest along side its more lager-driven characteristics including a hint of fresh grain in the aroma, a crisp mouthfeel and smooth refreshing finish. Now available in 16oz cans!


New Anthem Beer Project

Soggy Purple: 5.4% This draft-only release is a mixed fermentation Berliner style aged on a second fermentation with raspberries.

Wilmington Beer Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wilmington Beer Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s not too late to pick something up for Dad, but you’re running out of time to get creative. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Check out our Father’s Day gift guide to find the perfect gift for your Pops. (And just so you don’t have to Google it–Father’s Day is June 16th.)

1. New Anthem 4-pack: Get him something you *know* he wants–beer. New Anthem’s big IPAs are the perfect way to say “thanks for raising me right, Daddio.” If he’s more of a pilsner guy, try Dance Floor Heater. It’s light & crisp enough to be accessible for your old man, but hoppy enough that you shouldn’t be surprised when he converts to IPAs.

2. Late Lunch & a brewery tour at Front Street Brewery: When was the last time you & Dad had a nice, long lunch? Don’t answer–it’s been too long. Take him out to Front Street Brewery for a flight, some pulled chicken nachos, and a pretzel with queso. (Yes, spring for the queso. He deserves it.) Brewery tours are at 3:15p & 4:15p and include samples…so Mom can come too, but she’s driving.

3. Salty Turtle Dad Hat: Well, this one’s a no-brainer, but you should take him with you and let him pick the color. Grab some grub from Coastal Wing + Spirits and take your dad over to the Turtle for a pint. (Life hack: Coastal will even deliver to you!)

4. Homebrew Supplies from Wilmington Homebrew Supply and/or Amazing Grains: Has Daddio been hemming & hawing about whether or not to start making beer? Hem & haw no more, Dad! The extremely friendly and knowledgable staffs at both Wilmington Homebrew Supply and Amazing Grains will certainly help you get your dad the setup he needs.

5. Port City Brew Bus Tickets/ Gift Card: Y’know how you’ve been meaning to hang out with your dad more? Yeah, we do too. The Port City Brew Bus is a great way for you and your dad to experience Wilmington’s excellent beer scene together. On the fence? There’s a discount code--use code DADSDAY19 for $10 off tours and gift cards booked before Father’s Day.

Behind Bars: Amanda Bowman

Behind Bars: Amanda Bowman

This week we’ve got Amanda Bowman joining us from Fermental! Check out what she has to say about being a Wilmington craft beer bartender.

AT: What’s your favorite thing about bar-tending/selling beer?

AB:  I like being able to pick just the right beer for someone, even if they weren’t exactly sure what they were looking for. Figuring out what they do and don’t like, making suggestions, then watching them try, and like, something out of their comfort zone is rewarding.

It’s also fun when you get to know what your regulars like and they trust you to just pour them something you know they’ll love.

AT: Do you have any advice for current or future craft beer bartenders?

AB: I would say familiarize yourself with as many different styles and flavors as you can. Taste everything, even if you don’t like a particular style, as it will help to make recommendations.

Staying on top of trends is also helpful.

AT: If you were a beer, which one would you be?

AB: A fruited gose–a little sour, a little sweet, and a little salty.

Behind Bars: Sarah Ashmore

Behind Bars: Sarah Ashmore

This week we welcome Sarah Ashmore from Makai Brewing! Check out Makai Brewing during the on or off season down in Ocean Isle Beach.

AT: What’s your favorite thing about bartending?

SA: Well there’s the obvious perk of being the first to taste the beer when it goes on tap, but it would definitely have to be the people I get to meet while I’m working behind the bar! You get to hear some crazy stories and become friends with some awesome people!

AT: Do you have any advice for current or future craft beer bartenders?

SA: Come ready to learn! We’re all just swapping knowledge here, and there is so much to learn (both from the people you work with and your bar guests)! You might not always be the most knowledgeable on a particular style of beer or process, and that’s okay! It’s a new opportunity to learn!

AT: If you were a beer, which one would you be?

SA: Honestly? I have no idea, so I took a Buzzfeed quiz, and it told me I’m a wheat beer: light, sweet, and bubbly, and I don’t disagree haha! But I could also see myself being a good fruited sour: still sweet, but with a good dose of sour to account for the all the sass

Mixed Six May 12 2019

Mixed Six May 12 2019

A weekly roundup of local and craft beer that can be found around the area on tap, in bottles, or in cans. These are not beer reviews and should be used for entertainment purposes only

Waterman’s Brewing

Golvenbreker Ambier: 6.4% This Amber is a rich, Belgian classic with notes of bread and dark fruits. The combination of roasted malts and a flavorful Belgian yeast strain gives this beer a medium body and a delightful bouquet.

Makai Brewing Company

Island Falls: 5.8% Topping the to-do list of almost every traveler, dreamer, or those of us just standing in the shower before work, is the image of a waterfall. The gentle whoosh… The misty foreground…See it now? An easy-drinking, bright, smooth cream ale. Let the cascade hops take you to your favorite timeless, tranquil place.

Skytown Beer Company

Wolf Dragon: 7.6% It’s a hazy, dank IPA with notes of melon, strawberry, tropical fruit all from late addition as well as importantly Game of Thrones!

Broomtail Craft Brewery

Tangerine Galloping Gose: 5% The tangerine iteration of Broomtail’s flagship Galloping Gose is fruit & tart, just in time for warmer weather.

Salty Turtle Beer Company

Surfeza: 5.4% This mexican-style lager is easy-sippin’ and perfect for the beach or just a hot Coastal Carolina summer day. SALUD!

Wilmington Brewing Company

Grapefruit Gose: 4.4% This is Wilmington Brewing Company’s first sour can release! Slip into summer with this grapefruit gose brewed with sea salt and coriander.

Searching for Summer Sours

Searching for Summer Sours

As the weather warms, I find myself seeking brighter flavors. Citrus. Crisp. Sour. Check out what sour sippers our local breweries are rolling out to celebrate the coming of summer!

Courtesy Flytrap Brewing

Flytrap Brewing Blood Orange Gose: Our North 4th friends always kill it with their Belgian styles and fruited sours, and this gose is no exception. The guys added blood orange puree and zest to the tank during fermentation to create a zippy, fruity sour that’ll keep you really refreshed. And of course, in the interest of local love, they used Sea Love sea salt. 4.2% ABV

Broomtail Craft Brewery Margarita Gose: Broomtail’s gose series is very much beloved in the Wilmington beer scene. The base beer is their Galloping Gose, which is naturally soured with lactobacillus. This time they added lime & sea salt to make a fun twist on a margarita–with half the hangover. 5% ABV

New Anthem Beer Project Miles Ahead of You: The guys at New Anthem are most well-known for their big, bodacious IPAs, but their sour program is just as strong. Check out their new Berliner-style sour wheat ale that they re-fermented on peach and apricot purée. Its sour-sweet balance will have you coming back for more and more. 4.6% ABV

Courtesy Flying Machine Brewing

Flying Machine Brewing Company Tangerine Pomegranate LZ1: You may have had LZ1 Berliner Weisse. You may have had Raspberry LZ1 Berliner Weisse. But have you had Tangerine Pomegranate LZ1 Berliner Weisse? The Flying Machine folks nailed it this time with this juicy, tart ripper. 4.7%

Front Street Brewery Total Eclipse of the Tart: According to Head Brewer Christopher McGarvey, “Once upon a time, we were falling in love. But now we’re only falling apart. We barrel aged blackberries in our new sour beer: A Total Eclipse of the Tart. And I need you now tonight. And I need you more than ever. And if you only hold the glass tight, you’ll be drinking this forever.” 5.4%