America’s Favorite Solar Craft Microbrewery

America’s Favorite Solar Craft Microbrewery

Photo Credit: Cape Fear Solar Systems

Get ready for an awesome Saturday at Wilmington’s solar powered brewery, Mad Mole!

The brewery entered and won the Brews from the Sun competition, hosted by Solar United Neighbors (SUN), and will be honored by the organization this Saturday with a big party at the brewery.

Out of the twenty one US solar powered breweries that entered the competition, the three from North Carolina came out on top with Mad Mole in first, Birdsong in second, and Wiseman in third. The two other categories available for entry were brewpubs and regional breweries. All categories were in accordance with the Brewers Association definitions.

Saturday will be a day filled with music, food trucks, and many toasts to environmental sustainability. Attendees will find Salty Sistas and Pepe’s Taco’s to snack on, and entertainment will be provided by Wildcat 69 and John Rogers. The brewery also just canned their first batch, so on top of growlers and crowlers, there will also be four packs of Boston Mole Party NE IPA to take home.

Solar United Neighbors will also be in attendance to present Mad Mole with their award. So whatever your plans are, cancel ’em! Let’s show SUN all of our pride and excitement for being home to America’s Favorite Solar Craft Microbrewery!

More details can be found here

Bon Brew Voyage

Bon Brew Voyage

Photo Credit: Matthew Ray Photography

Don’t miss your chance to buy tickets for Wilmington’s very first beer festival on the newly returned Henrietta!

Flying Machine Brewing Company teamed up with Wilmington Brewing Company, Wooden Robot (Charlotte), and Ancillary Fermentation (Raleigh area) to brew a collaboration beer called BOATS! (Yes, there’s an exclamation point) and host a four-brewery beer festival on a boat. Ticket holders will receive a glass, a hat, and unlimited samples, as well as a cruise on the Cape Fear River. And to top it all off, they can feel good about buying the tickets because it’s basically a $65 donation to the Cape Fear River Watch. That’s right, 100% of the proceeds will go to the local nonprofit.

But don’t let us tell you. We sat down with David Sweigart, co-owner of Flying Machine Brewing Company, to get the scoop on this Saturday’s Brew Voyage.

AT: Can you walk us through the event? What happens when the ticket holder arrives?

DS: There are two tours. Logistics for parking are provided on our website, but we recommend taking an Uber, Lyft, or taxi to and from the event. Passengers for each cruise will be given a commemorative hat and a glass, and invited to sip the evening away with four NC breweries on a river cruise. It’ll be chill. There is an inside/cover spot, so it’ll happen rain or shine.

AT: Does the price of the ticket cover the beers?

DS: Oh, yes. It’s unlimited pours.

AT: What was the inspiration for the event?

DS: Well, number one we’ve got two beautiful landmarks here and that’s the Cape Fear River and the [beaches], and we just wanted to utilize it. We wanted to have a fun event that was kind of low-key, chill, that brought in some outside breweries. But we also wanted to take advantage of some of our local environment like the Cape Fear River, which is a beautiful body of water. So take a boat trip and add on the respective breweries who we’ve paired with? Talk about a very intimate craft beer setting, and on top of it 100% of the proceeds to the Cape Fear River Watch.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at And you should.

Cape Fear Wine & Beer Sweet 16

Cape Fear Wine & Beer Sweet 16

It’s Wilmington’s OG craft beer bar’s sweet 16! Join Cape Fear Wine & Beer on Sunday, July 7th for their weekly Beer Church and help them celebrate with Moody Tongue Brewing our of Pilsen, Chicago, Illinois. There will be commemorative glassware (with both CFWB & Moody Tongue logos), t-shirts, and a very delicious beer list.

We got to talk to Maaike Brender à Brandis, co-owner and President, about the day.

AT: 16 years! How exciting. What have you learned?

MBàB: In 2003 neither of us had been in the beer industry. So we basically had to learn everything. Everything about beer, about permits and payroll. But a left-brain partnered with a right-brain can accomplish anything. Now it’s more like maintaining a well-oiled machine.

AT: Why did you decide to pair up with Moody Tongue:

MBàB: We decided to partner with Moody Tongue because we had a great relationship with the sales rep, Brad Davis, from the years he was with Shmaltz. And, of course, the beer is great!

AT: What new things can we look forward to from you guys in the coming year?

MBàB: We’ve recently replaced our old school chalk draft boards with tv’s synced with our Untappd beer list. A goal is to continue providing our customers with the best beer list in town, with the freshest hazy IPA’s, the funkiest sours, the crispest pilsners. We’re also partnering with local and regional charities for our beer churches.

Visit their website, and keep an eye on Facebook for current and future event updates!

Weekly Mixed Six June 30

Weekly Mixed Six June 30

Waterman’s Brewing

Just Camping: 5.2% This stout is a lighter take on Glamping, one of the original favorites. While the roasted, chocolatey flavors and full mouthfeel still remain, the low alcohol greatly improves drinkability. Freshly peeled Madagascar vanilla beans tie it all together for a perfect campfire session.


Waterline Brewing Company

Mango Kölsch: 5.5% Waterline’s classic Kölsch kickoff of the summer season! Light, crisp and refreshing as always, with a mild mango sweetness and a light Callista dry hop for the perfect beach beer. And don’t forget–the brewery under the bridge is now filling crowlers!


Flying Machine Brewing Company

Breakfast with Pegasus: 5.5% Introducing the Hay Ale! A collaboration with Edmund’s Oast brewed with vanilla, lactose, and Tiffany Hay. Tastes like vanilla ice cream!


Salty Turtle Beer Company

La Surfeza: 5.7% The same crushable, crisp, Mexican lager, now brewed with a hint of lime!


Flytrap Brewing Company

Mixed Culture Volume One: 5.7% ABV This beer was brewed back in November of 2017! Flytrap used both lactobacillus and brettanomyces to add pleasant tartness and some barnyard funk, then aged it on local blackberries for over 6 months. This well balanced sour is full of delicate flavor and has been conditioning in the bottle for 4 months.


Wilmington Brewing Company

Beer Garden: 4.7% Need a lawnmower beer? Look no further. This crisp, refreshing German-style ale is the perfect beer for these hot Wilmington days.

Port City Laughter & Libations

Port City Laughter & Libations

While the Port City is becoming more and more well known for its breweries, did you know that its comedy scene is just as dynamic!? And since beer and laughter go hand-in-hand (or pint-in-hand), naturally the two have married up in Wilmington.

If you subscribe to our email newsletter, then you’re already aware of the opportunities to go check out comedy at Wilmington Breweries. And if you don’t subscribe you should, and take a peek at the Wilmington brewery and bottle shop comedy round up we made for you.

Bombers Beverage Company
108 Grace Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Every Friday Bombers hosts an open mic at 9p so that local comedians can flex their funnies and customers can get their giggle on. It’s called Bombs Away! and hosted by The Regretful Villains. If you stop by Bombers between 6 and 8p on Fridays, you can get in on the weekly wine tasting to further lubricate your laughs.

Waterline Brewing Company
721 Surry Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

You can join the folks at the Brewery Under the Bridge one Wednesday a month for Gruff Goat Comedy. It’s a free show featuring three comedians under the bridge (no trolls, please). Customers can sip a delicious, local brew, enjoy a food truck, and laugh the night away. It’s a great mid-week pick-me-up.

Check 6 Brewery
5130 Southport-Supply Road, Southport, NC 28461

The North American Comedy Brewery Tour regularly stops at Check 6 Brewery in Southport and you should, too. There’s a $20 entry fee (so make sure to pick up tickets before, in case it sells out), but the laughter to follow is priceless.

Port City Brew Bus

Comedy not enough to entice you? What if we add wheels? Jump on the Port City Brew Bus with three local comedians and cruise to Wilmington Breweries where you can sip local suds. The comedians will do their best to lift your spirits (and if they don’t do it, the Wilmington beer sure will). You can expect some fun & games on the bus and then quick 10-15 minute sets once you land at the breweries.

Skytown Beer Company
4712 New Centre Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405]

Slack’s Stand Up show will be returning to Skytown Beer Company on Saturday, July 13th at 8pm. The last one was standing room early, so make sure to get there early. Skytown’s beer is the real star of the show, but their food is also not to be missed. Never had deep fried gravy balls? Well you’re not getting any younger, so now’s the time.

Local Tunes & Brews

Local Tunes & Brews

Wilmington’s local music scene is just as prolific as the craft beer scene, so we thought it would be fun to pick the brains of some of the city’s musicians to see what they’re sippin’ when they’re not singin’. Follow along as we feature this series of local tunes & brews.


Photo by Jeni Smithson

Kyle Lindley, singer-songwriter & member of Future Relics

“I have so many favorite beers, But lately it has to go Waterline’s Black Citra IPA. Even though I’m loving the trend in dry-hopped, hazy ipa’s, the Black IPA is well underrated, and only a few brewers do it well. Thank you Waterline!

It’s no wonder I love beer like I do music. They have many parallels. Beer and music both resonate culture.”


Photo Courtesy Brittanie Smith


Brittanie Smith, drummer for The Explainers

“My favorite local beer is Blair’s Breakfast Stout. Wilmington Brewing Company marries flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate to create this perfect heavy stout. If you’re lucky, they’ll have one of the bourbon barrel-aged versions on draft. Go getchu one!”



Photo Courtesy Tim White

Tim White, of D&D Sluggers

“I’m a big fan of Sours and Stouts, but lately Real Fake Doors from Skytown (a saison) is a favorite. Reference aside, its a really tasty, well done, saison with a clean finish. Goes well with their food.”



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