2020! A new decade! How exciting. (Yes, I know there wasn’t a year zero, so technically the new decade doesn’t start until next year, but culturally speaking we’re in a new decade. Don’t @ me.)

The 2010’s brought us the rise of the milkshake and New England IPAs as well us everybody’s new favorite boozy bev, hard seltzer. The 20’s will surely bring us new trends to love and loathe. I asked local brewers to predict those trends and also what they are looking forward to both globally and in their own breweries.

Here’s what they had to say.

Barry Owings, Broomtail Craft Brewery & The Sour Barn

In 2020 Broomtail will still likely only produce 1000 – 1200 Barrels. But the major changes will be:
• Several flagships will be fermented completely with our locally harvested yeast. Of the 7 yeasts we have banked at White Labs, at least 2 will be moving from pilot size batches to full commercial size batches in Q1 2020
• Barrel Aged Sours have historically only been released 2-3 times / year by Broomtail. Starting in Q1 2020, we will begin releasing new (larger batches) of blended barrel aged sours at least every other month. These will be available in both of our locations as well as local Bottle Shops and Restaurants vs historically being only available at BTCB and Sour Barn.
• Canning: We will begin 2020 with small runs (a few thousand cans) of 4 Broomtail beers in 12oz cans. This will include Gose, Moe, Hay Bale, and Acerbic. Starting in Q2 2020 we are converting to 16oz cans at which time we will also package our newest IPA (ILM) and Pale Ale (910). The new packages will be available at both of our sites as well as through our wholesale distribution.

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Jud Watkins, Wrightsville Beach Brewery

I think nationally we are seeing more and more people who are eating and drinking in a healthier manner. My guess is this will lead to lower ABV craft beer options and maybe even some gluten free beers too (stay tuned for more from WBB soon!).

I also think that as Wilmington’s craft breweries move past their first couple years, you’ll see our loyal customers branch out a little more. The Port City is an IPA-loving town, but I expect customers will start to try another beer first, before ordering their go-to favorite.

John Savard, Wilmington Brewing Company & Wilmington Homebrew Supply

We are predicting IPAs and Double IPAs are sticking around for sure, but we also see some light lagers and classic German styles coming back around.
IPAs are still king, and we love that, we just added 2 new 30bbl lagering tanks predicting people will dig a lighter option too.

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