Meet the Brewers is an ongoing series to highlight the individuals who make the beer at our Wilmington breweries. Check back every week to see the latest interview. All photographs provided by Brian Lantz Photography.  Check out his instagram at  @brianlantzphotography

Dean Kelley is the head brewer and Co-owner at Salty Turtle Beer Company. Kelley has been brewing beer since he made a brown ale from a kit in 2014. Recently I asked him about his brewing journey.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Massillon, Ohio. When I graduated High school, I joined the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Lejeune from

2005 until I got out in 2013. Have stayed in the area since.

What first got you into brewing?

I was overseas for a security contract and got into reading a brewing magazine I found one day. When I got home from the contract I decided that I wanted to try brewing and ordered my first kit and equipment.

What is your favorite beer to make?

I like making all different styles but if I had to pick one I would say saison.

What made you want to start brewing on a larger scale?

I always thought it would be great to own my own business one day. It was always a dream until I meet one of my neighbors (Dan) while at his yard sale and realized he had the same passion. So, after that, myself and Dan pushed to make our dream a reality.

Is there anything you do differently in your brewing process that other places do not do?

I would say the process is pretty standard. The only odd thing is how Frankenstein-ed the system is. We are using a dairy tank for a mash tun and a HLT I welded up.

What is one thing you want your consumer to take away after trying your beer?

I want people to try things outside their comfort zone and not be deterred by the style or color. I am sure they will find something they like. And we always want to provide the customers with a great tasting product.

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